Research Interests

Kant, moral philosophy, environmental ethics, history of modern philosophy, Wittgenstein.

Education and Training

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles

B.A. Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles

Main Publications

Campagna, Guevara, and Le Boeuf (2017). "De-scenting Extinction: The Promise of De-extinction May Hasten Continuing Extinctions," The Hastings Center Special Report.

Campagna, Guevara, and Le Boeuf (2017). "Sustainable development as deus ex machina," Biological Conservation

Dreisbach and Guevara (2017). "The Asian Disease Problem and the Ethical Implications of Prospect Theory," Nous.

Campagna and Guevara (2014). "Conservation in No-Man's Land." Keeping the Wild Against the Domestication of the Earth, editors G. Wuerthner et als.

Ellis and Guevara (2012).  Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Mind. Oxford University Press.

Guevara (2011).  “The Role of Intuition in Some Ethically Hard Cases,” Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 89:1, 149-167.

Guevara (2009). “The Will As Practical Reason and the Problem of Akrasia,” The Review of Metaphysics 62 (March): 525-50.

Guevara (2008). Rebutting Formally Valid Counterexamples to the Humean “is-Ought” Dictum. Synthese 164 (1):45-60.

Guevara (1999). “The Impossibility of Supererogation in Kant’s Moral Theory,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 59:3, pp. 593-624.

Guevara (2000). Kant’s Theory of Moral Motivation. Westview Press.


Public Philosophy

Language of Conservation